We were delighted to see that John O’Hara was quoted the July 2017 print edition of The Banker, the leading publication for the industry.  Joy Macknight’s article Taking the pain out of fintech procurement focused on how fintech’s can find the banking procurement processes a tough hurdle to overcome and how banks are adapting to help.

“A fintech must have a strong stance on security, [and be] able to meet the stringent standards that banks hold themselves to. This forces these young firms to grow up very quickly,” says Mr O’Hara. “When, or if, it gets past the security and technology audit, then the fintech encounters the legal process – and that is a whole new journey.”

Our view at Taskize is to embrace and work with our client’s rigorous processes with alacrity. Fortunately, security and segregation are built into Taskize from the ground-up, enabling us to welcome each bank’s unique security requirements.

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