Taskize integrates seamlessly with all major email clients.

You can use Taskize – and benefit from all of its features and benefits – even when communicating with counterparties who need to communicate by email.

Your counterparties will receive emails and can send them to you as usual. But all of these comms will automatically appear to you in Taskize Bubbles, just like when collaborating with other Taskize users.

Plus, any attachments your counterparty sends will automatically be added to your Taskize Bubble.



  • Client Service can manage all enquiries from Taskize
  • Keep existing external emails addresses so clients aren’t affected
  • New emails are allocated to the most appropriate person and not self-selected
  • Service SLAs can be tracked across all clients
  • Email responses are threaded into existing bubbles for a complete audit trail
  • Secure and encrypted

Resolve issues more efficiently  

All email queries appear as Taskize Bubbles, so you can manage them all in one place. Eliminates the headache of long, untrackable email threads, lost attachments, and crowded inboxes. 

Get actionable insights

Integrating your email interactions means Taskize’s in-built MI reporting, covering service levels, performance activity and resolution times, becomes more accurate and more valuable.

Automatically manage email queries

Create rules to manage incoming Bubbles based on certain characteristics, just as you are used to with traditional email apps, to organise your workload more efficiently.


“(Our) partnership is based on a shared vision of secure inter-company workflows for query management and to move away from email chains…

“By leveraging Taskize’s email management, flexible API integration and traceability on queries with fully auditable workflow, our custody clients will be able to gain greater insight into the status of their queries.”

Jeffrey King, Managing Director and Global Head of Custody Product Development — Citi


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