API gateway

Create capacity and reduce costs by using Taskize to resolve simple queries automatically. 

By integrating your API with Taskize, it’s now possible to access the status of a trade, or return other operational data, so your clients can resolve simple queries automatically.

They can quickly self-serve by simply creating a Taskize Bubble, enabling the API to pull in the information needed to resolve the query. 

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Euroclear EasyWay

Collaborate with Euroclear quickly and securely with the EasyWay and Taskize integration.

When an exception or break is flagged in EasyWay, all you need to do is click its in-built Taskize button to get it resolved.

A Taskize Bubble, pre-populated with key information from EasyWay, will automatically be generated. Plus, the routing and allocation technology in Taskize’s Smart Directory will make sure it goes to the right person to resolve your issue.

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Email connector

Taskize integrates seamlessly with all major email clients.

You can use Taskize – and benefit from all of its features and benefits – even when communicating with counterparties who need to communicate by email.

Your counterparties will receive emails and can send them to you as usual. But all of these comms will automatically appear to you in Taskize Bubbles, just like when collaborating with other Taskize users.

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Finbourne LUSID

Taskize is a component of Finbourne’s LUSID open investment platform, providing its users with streamlined counterparty issue resolution and complete traceability.

Thomas McHugh, co-founder and CEO of Finbourne describes Taskize as “the logical solution in our mission to streamline the exception-based reconciliation challenges faced by our mutual clients.”


Microsoft Teams

Allow your staff to remain in the platform of their choice with the Taskize and Microsoft Teams integration. The integration allows Taskize users to have closer proximity to their colleagues, without any loss of workflow or control.  

Taskize users can now collaborate with internal colleagues who aren’t on the network yeteliminating the need to leave their platform of choice and reducing risk and error when transferring information. 

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For efficient collaboration between counterparties, Taskize users can seamlessly notify and collaborate with those on Symphony and vice versa.

This integration enables real-time collaboration – cross-company and internally – between Symphony and Taskize users. As a result, all parties benefit from the Taskize platform’s workflow, routing and business intelligence capabilities.

Why integrate with Symphony?

  • Resolve issues faster
  • Reduce the risk of human error 
  • Get actionable insights

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With the Taskize and Xceptor integration you can resolve exceptions faster and more efficiently at the click of a button.

Within the Xceptor affirmation and confirmation product, clients can enhance their customer’s experience by connecting seamlessly to Taskize, a secure collaboration and workflow platform designed for resolving exceptions.

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