About Taskize

Our business

Taskize is one of the most influential fintechs in pre- and post-trade automation, trusted by over 550 financial firms – custodian banks, buy-sides, broker-dealers and FMIs – across 88 countries.

Our software

Quick and easy to deploy, our interoperable, web-native collaboration platform is used by investment operations to minimise risk, improve client service, and increase capacity.

Our vision and mission

“Our vision is to maximise the efficiency of the human capital inside and across the operations divisions of the global banking industry.

“Our mission is to connect financial services global operations – to transform collaboration and resolution workflows.”

James Pike, Interim CEO – Taskize

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Our clients

“We are convinced that Taskize helps the financial services industry solve operational issues more efficiently and will progressively replace traditional channels like phone and email.” 

Philippe Laurensy, Euroclear’s Head of Group Strategy, Product Management and Innovation…

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Our culture

“Taskize is a financial services post-trade issue resolution platform… The business created an “idea meritocracy…” This philosophy extends to external partners, too where they established a “product use advisory group.” They foster close collaboration across people, products, and technology to enhance the working environment.”

Nadia Edwards-Dashti, Contributor – Forbes magazine

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