Inter-company problem resolution for financial services

Taskize removes email to make problem resolution secure, fast and efficient.

Trusted by 200+ financial institutions in 50+ countries to resolve operational problems.

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Could your operations run better?

Drowning in email for operations processes; concerned about phishing

Important issues are missed; concerned about fines and regulation

SLA's are not always met; concerned about cost incurred and reputation

Unsure of issue status; and every counterparty does things differently

Trouble finding the right people across firms to address issues

Too little data on team and counterparty performance to improve

How Taskize can help you

Easily resolve problems across firms

Support emails under control

The right people doing the right work

Safely share documents

Know who is responsible for the next action

See what is important

Deliver on SLA's

Seamless workflow with partners

Easily work with colleagues

Workflow made simple, even between firms

Be in control of the action

Real-time status focuses attention where it matters. Issues can be escalated as situations arise to advance urgent work.

Oversee work with counter-parties. Always know who is responsible for the next action, and in which firm. Easily allocate work or process requests from any member of the Taskize network, or legacy email users.

Operations staff can quickly process work, knowing when it is safe to go home at the end of the business day.



"Bubbles" bring together resources to get things done

Taskize Bubbles bring together organisations, teams, people and information to resolve tasks.

A Bubble can last from minutes to weeks, depending on the business process. Once a task is completed the Bubble is archived.

Bubbles provide an open framework for teamwork between firms, while delivering secure data segregation and detailed records.

Insights to drive improvement

Review business partners and know which processes are causing problems.

Monitor staff to see who the "rock stars" are, and who might need coaching.

Assess performance against SLA's, or compare relative performance of counterparties. Have the facts needed for meaningful relationship reviews.


How our clients use Taskize

Corporate Actions

Inform customers of voting options triggered by a corporate action


Escalate insufficient fund issues delaying settlement to payment teams

Margin Disputes

Resolve disputes resulting from margin calls immediately to reduce exposure


Resolve fund allocation or accounting breaks with custodians


Instruct the relevant security depository to amend allocation of collateral


Provide instructions and monitor process outcomes

Client Servicing

Standardise process for support and on-boarding queries across customers

Account On-boarding

Manage the complexities of transferring assets between counterparties

Global Operations

Routing work around the world to ensure continuous service to customers

What users say about Taskize

  • “Taskize, provides an excellent alternative to email. It’s safer, more efficient and gives us easy access to data that will allow us to provide our clients with a superior level of service”.
    Mike Jones, Head of Securities Clearing Operations, LCH Ltd
  • “Taskize has changed our communication way. Instead of spending our time on phone calls or waiting for email replies, solutions come to us quickly and everybody wins. Taskize is the example what a collaborative platform should be.”
    Diego Garcia, Head of Asset Services Deutsche Bank SAE
  • “We are convinced that Taskize helps the financial services industry solve operational issues more efficiently and will progressively replace traditional channels like phone and email.”
    Philippe Laurensy Head of Commercial, Euroclear
  • “We are very satisfied with the Taskize platform. It is a great tool for urgent cases, which helps significantly improve the response time as well as better track the resolution progress.”
    Head of Settlements, Renaissance Capital
  • “Taskize has been a success for us. I encourage our peers to find out how it can improve their operational efficiency.”
    MD Capital Market Operations, Banco Santander

Key Features
This short animation highlights some key concepts of Taskize, a problem-solving network for the financial industry.

DTCC, Euroclear & LCH Clients
Why Euroclear, DTCC and LCH are rolling Taskize to their clients and how you can benefit.

Quest for Efficiency
This short animation explains the problems Taskize addresses in back-office banking operations.

Partnering for integrated solutions


Work through dispute workflows for issues discovered in DXM with Taskize


Resolve reconciliation breaks with counterparties

Euroclear Easyway

Address corporate actions, collateral and settlement issues with Taskize


Access work in Taskize from the Symphony secure communications platform

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