The problem solving network for CSDR Settlement Discipline

easily manage the penalty process and buy-in workflow in a secure, multi-party, fully audited environment

Click this video, which gives a 5 minutes overview of CSDR Settlement Discipline Regime and how to comply with it.

Taskize for CSDR

  • Multi-party view of the penalty process and buy-in workflow
  • Complete audit trail for each party Manage appeals process between parties
  • Prioritised list of in-progress issues
  • Clear assignment of next action
  • Shared issue status and deal attributes
  • Attachments with data-loss prevention
  • Easy navigation of counterparties
  • Real time and historic reporting
  • Full data segregation for each party
  • Strong encryption

Taskize for CSDR Settlement Discipline gives a cost-effective solution for fail management workflow so you can focus investment in core processes.

Taskize provides a secure environment for the parties to manage each phase of the fail resolution process together, in real-time, and deal with chains across as many settlement days as required.

With Taskize the parties involved in the failed trade have a shared understanding, know where in the process they are, and which member of staff at which entity is responsible for the next action, so settlement can be corrected quickly.

If the process moves beyond the extension period, buy-in (and pass-on) can be orchestrated ensuring that there is no confusion and parties are seeing the same information at the same time.


Benefits of Taskize for CSDR Settlement Regime:

  • Manage the penalty & appeal process
  • Control the buy-in workflow (and pass-on)
  • Securely inform all parties
  • Fully audited
CSDR Settlement Discipline Factsheet

An open solution

for all market participants

Multiple banks, buy-sides, and infrastructure firms agree Taskize for CSDR Settlement Regime will help resolving settlement issues when STP has failed.

For market participants impacted by the CSDR Settlement Discipline, Taskize is an efficient and easily integrated solution.

  • Seller
  • Buyer
  • CSD
  • CCP
  • Settlement Agent
  • Buy-In Agent

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