Appeal penalties

Use Taskize to efficiently manage your fails and penalty appeals, making it a one-stop-shop for all your operational needs

  • The Penalty Appeal Workflow standardises appeals for all parties involved
  • Once a decision is made, the Penalty Appeal Decision and Reason will be populated with the outcome
  • Visibility over outstanding and historic Penalty Appeals in one place
  • Full audit trail of all appeals

Improved settlement efficiency

Use Taskize to address settlement problems that could result in trades failing

  • All counterparties and information in one Bubble
  • Shared issue status and key attributes
  • Easily prioritise in-progress Bubble
  • Visibility over Bubbles for collaboration and management oversight
  • Full audit trail
  • Data segregation and control over attachments

Taskize is an easy way to meet your obligations under the CSDR Settlement Discipline Regime.  It offers a cost-effective solution for those with and without SWIFT infrastructure. Taskize can be used to:

  1. Improve settlement efficiency to prevent and resolve fails
  2. Seamlessly appeal penalties with a dedicated workflow
  3. Painlessly submit buy-in trade reports when required

The value of Taskize

  • Dedicated workflows for penalty appeals and buy-ins
  • Prioritised list of in-progress issues
  • Multi-party view of the penalty process and buy-in workflow
  • Clear assignment of next action
  • Complete audit trail for each party
  • Shared issue status and key attributes
  • Easy navigation of counterparties
  • Real time and historic reporting
  • Attachments with data-loss prevention
  • Full data segregation for each party
  • Strong encryption

CSDR SDR Responsibility Matrix

Taskize provides a secure environment for all parties to manage each phase of the fail resolution process together, in real-time, and deal with chains across as many settlement days as required.

With Taskize the parties involved in the failed trade have a shared understanding, know where in the process they are, and which member of staff at which entity is responsible for the next action, so settlement can be corrected quickly.

Additionally, the dedicated Taskize Penalty Appeal and Buy-in Report Workflows reduce the administrative burden of submitting, receiving, and recording appeals and reports.