Resolve simple queries automatically

Create capacity and reduce costs by using Taskize to resolve simple queries automatically. 

By integrating your API with Taskize, it’s now possible to access the status of a trade, or return other operational data, so your clients can resolve simple queries automatically. They can quickly self-serve by simply creating a Taskize Bubble, enabling the API to pull in the information needed to resolve the query. 

By unlocking the power of your API, you can:

  • Eliminate 30-40% of your daily enquiries – simple but time-consuming questions such as “What is the status of my trade?” can be resolved automatically.
  • Avoid human errors – by removing the need to manually copy and paste or re-key data. 
  • Provide your clients with better service – clients can self-serve and receive answers to their queries faster, reducing resolution times. 
  • Generate more capacity – free up time in your teams and refocus resources on other tasks in the business.
  • Get more from your investment – many financial organisations have built external APIs that can access the data to answer simple queries, but few take full advantage of it. 


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