For efficient collaboration between counterparties, Taskize users can seamlessly notify and collaborate with those on Symphony and vice versa.

This integration enables real-time collaboration – cross-company and internally – between Symphony and Taskize users. As a result, all parties benefit from the Taskize platform’s workflow, routing and business intelligence capabilities.

Why integrate with Symphony?

Resolve issues faster 

Quickly find and engage the right person in the right team – external or internal – while remaining in your platform of choice; changes made in one system are automatically reflected in the other.

Reduce the risk of human error  

Working within your existing platform removes ‘swivel-chair’ risks (and wasted time) from needing to copy or re-key information from one system to another.

Get actionable insights 

All interactions are recorded in Taskize Bubbles – Taskize’s version of a shared problem ticket – which provides a complete audit trail. Service levels, performance activity and resolution times are also tracked.

“For Symphony, it’s important to create integrations to automate common tasks and processes that ultimately free up time and reduce risk.

“This partnership with Taskize is part of our ongoing commitment to address the demand in the industry to extend workflow cross-firm and front to back.”

“We can solve some things alone slowly… or A LOT together quickly. Psyched we are moving with the latter!”

​Brad Levy, CEO of Symphony (pictured left)

“This integration enables users on both platforms to seamlessly collaborate to resolve urgent and unresolved issues.

“This will generate capacity and free up time for front- and back-office teams to refocus on other value-add tasks.”

James Pike, Interim CEO of Taskize

How does it work? 

One use case is where one bank’s operations team needs to contact another’s to resolve a query or exception:

  • Bank A is based on Symphony. Bank B is based on Taskize. Within Symphony, Bank A uses the integration to create a Taskize Bubble, including query information as structured data.
  • The query is then routed to Bank B through a powerful interoperability between Symphony’s Ops Directory and Taskize’s Smart Directory.
  • As soon as Bank B receives the query, the Taskize Smart Directory automatically routes it to the most appropriate user based on their responsibilities and experience, as well as their current workload and availability.
  • Both banks can now resolve the query in real-time while remaining in their existing platform.
  • Attributes and issue status are dynamic so, as something changes in the Taskize Bubble, it is instantly reflected in the Symphony chat room.
  • Both banks communicate to resolve the query and both platforms automatically confirm when the issue has been resolved.

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