“The collaboration between Taskize and Symphony will provide firms with accurate and seamless post-trade resolution.”

LONDON, 23 May 2023 – Taskize, the leading provider of inter-company workflow to the financial services industry, today announced an integration with Symphony to allow real-time collaboration between operations teams using Taskize and front-office users of Symphony.  

The integration – unveiled and demonstrated today at Symphony Innovate London 2023  – means that Taskize and Symphony users can collaborate in real-time without reverting to slow traditional methods such as phone or email. Users can stay on their platform of choice with no need to copy and paste information from one system to another.  All of this improves resolution speed and reduces risk.  

​​Brad Levy, CEO of Symphony said: 

“For Symphony, it’s important to create integrations to automate common tasks and processes that ultimately free up time and reduce risk. This partnership with Taskize is part of our ongoing commitment to address the demand in the industry to extend workflow cross-firm and front to back.” 

The interoperability between the two systems means users share a live view of the trade exception or settlement issue that is automatically synchronised. Both parties benefit from Taskize’s workflow, routing, and business intelligence capabilities and all users gain a clear overview of resolution time and root cause analysis – improving resolution speed while reducing risk.  

As a result, the collaboration between Taskize and Symphony will provide firms with accurate and seamless post-trade resolution and the ability to resolve breaks faster under compressed settlement timeframes – of paramount importance in the move to the T+1 standard settlement cycle. 

Philip Slavin, CEO of Taskize, comments:  

“For too long, operations teams and their colleagues and counterparts on the trading desk have been restricted in their communication by outdated manual processes and an overreliance on phone and email. This integration will enable users on both platforms to seamlessly collaborate to resolve urgent and unresolved issues. As a result, this will generate more capacity and free up time for front- and back-office teams to refocus on other value-add tasks.” 

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About Taskize   

Taskize is trusted by over 550 financial firms in 88 countries making it the leading provider of structured inter-company workflow to the Financial Services Industry to improve operational efficiency across buy-sides, sell-sides, custodians, market infrastructures and Fintech providers. Founded by industry veterans, Taskize eliminates the inefficiency and insecurity of email, phone, and chat to provide everything needed to resolve post-trade, cross-party issues securely and efficiently. Taskize is cloud-native, with an open architecture leading to easy adoption and benefit realization. Taskize is owned by Euroclear, a leading global provider of Financial Market Infrastructure services.