Join Taskize in London and online for the live launch and demo of a special new integration with Symphony…


Symphony Innovate brings together industry leaders to share insights, showcase live demos of products and integrations, and provide case studies on how technological advancements have transformed the community.

The event will be live-streamed on Zoom and is available for all to join virtually. Just register here. Taskize is the penultimate of a series of ‘community innovations’ presented between 3:10pm and 4:25pm UK time. On stage for our session:

  • Philippe Laurensy – Head of Group Strategy, Product Management and Innovation at Euroclear group
  • Philip Slavin – CEO of Taskize
  • Kishan Bharwad – Head of Product at Taskize


Here’s Symphony’s CEO Brad Levy kicking off Symphony Innovate New York last year, with a keynote highlighting the importance of “movement with precision”…