23rd Taskize Operations Forum – EMEA & Americas

Philip Slavin Event, Operations, Technology

Our 23rd Taskize Operations Forum (TOF) spanned both the EMEA and Americas regions to give a more global perspective of how our clients are using Taskize.

Participating executives spoke about their experiences with Taskize as a strategic partner, addressing an audience of their peers from across the buy-side, sell-side and market infrastructures. They also shared their plans to drive adoption both internally within their firms and with their counterparts. A strong theme was the desire for more firms to join the network and for those already “live” to connect with each other for different types of flows so greater benefits can be seen across operations.

The main focus of the forum was on growing support for the Outsource Service Provider (OSP) model. Taskize allows clients to maintain their brand identity and control over their outsourcer, their counterparties to have a consistent engagement approach. The OSP’s also benefit from a strong ’on behalf of’ model for servicing multiple clients in parallel, and the ability to involve their clients in approvals and exceptions in outsource processes.

The presentation was backed-up citing findings of an independent research report (download here) on buy-side outsourcing that we recently commissioned.

Our CEO, John O’Hara, also gave an update on Taskize’s growing partner programme which has now 6 FinTech’s and 3 major market utilities, with more on the way.

Philip Slavin, our COO, updated the group on the continued interest around Taskize’s CSDR Settlement Discipline Regime solution, despite the regulation implementation date being moved back 12 months to Feb 2022. He also described how the Taskize Email Solution is seeing uptake to give instant access to all counterparties and clients network.

John took questions from the floor regarding our Symphony integration and touched on how we also plan an Microsoft Teams integration due to rapid uptake of Office 365 by the industry. In response to questions around pricing, Phil closed on Taskize’s different subscription models that give firms access to additional features, more users, full API and partner integration and the ability to sponsor their own clients onto the network (more details here).

The next EMEA & Americas TOF is scheduled for Jan 2021.

If you’d like to find out more about Taskize or join our growing network of 250+ signed clients in over 50 countries, contact us on info@taskize.com or +44 (0) 203 874 7224.