Choose the Taskize plan for your business


  • Great service from your partners!
  • Works with Euroclear, INDEVAL, LCH and others leading institutions
  • CSDR buy-in reporting
  • Single Sign-On for convenience
  • Sponsor's process
  • Self-service support


Contact sales
  • Any counterparty
  • Any business process
  • Works with DTCC Exception Manager
  • Performance dashboard
  • Private side-notes
  • API access
  • Online support
  • ..and everything in Free


Contact sales
  • Service your clients on Taskize
  • Deploy to multiple divisions
  • Detailed performance reporting
  • Synchronise users from Active Directory
  • Connect 3rd party technology (incl. Symphony, Duco)
  • Sponsor select counterparties
  • Phone support
  • ..and everything in Basic


Contact sales
  • Unlimited counterparty sponsorships included
  • Taskize Email Solution included
  • Customise organisations & routing
  • Volume API/data access
  • Named contact support
  • ..and everything in Business


Contact sales
  • Large enterprise ready, outsourcer support
  • Service the clients-of-your-clients (On-Behalf-Of)
  • Integration with bespoke technologies and solutions
  • Real-time compliance integration
  • Relationship/project manager
  • Custom support
  • ..and everything in Professional

Sign-up FAQ

Please get in touch if you have a question about subscribing to Taskize not answered here.

  • “Taskize, provides an excellent alternative to email. It’s safer, more efficient and gives us easy access to data that will allow us to provide our clients with a superior level of service”. Mike Jones, Head of Securities Clearing Operations, LCH Ltd
  • "Taskize has changed our communication way. Instead of spending our time on phone calls or waiting for email replies, solutions come to us quickly and everybody wins. Taskize is the example what a collaborative platform should be." Diego Garcia, Head of Asset Services Deutsche Bank SAE
  • "Taskize has been the preferred client service channel for Euroclear for almost three years and extending its use for CSDR Settlement Discipline will bring even more value to our clients and the wider market." Jo Van de Velde, Head of Group Strategy and Product Expansion, Euroclear
  • “We are very satisfied with the Taskize platform. It is a great tool for urgent cases, which helps significantly improve the response time as well as better track the resolution progress.” Head of Settlements, Renaissance Capital

Where do I sign-up for use with Euroclear, INDEVAL, LCH and more?

Click to sign-up to any plan above and you will be able to use Taskize with Euroclear, INDEVAL, LCH, DTCC and a growing list of leading financial firms; contact us for a list. You may use the no-charge sponsored plan if you are a client of any sponsoring firm.

Is sponsored free?

Sponsored is no charge to you, because it is paid for by the companies whose services you are accessing. You get the benefits Taskize to manage all your work with a growing list of service providers including Euroclear, INDEVAL and LCH. Paying subscribers can access any firm, while sponsored users may only access their sponsors.

Can I have both paid and sponsored users?

You can have a combination of paid and sponsored users. However, sponsored users (and their activity) will not benefit from multi-entity, reporting, monitoring and other capabilities paid users benefit from.

How does onboarding work?

Fill in the order form with your details and sign to agree to our terms. Our Client Delivery team will then contact you to complete onboarding details and arrange your go-live date. We will invoice you at this point, if applicable. Webinar training sessions will be made available and go-live will happen at a weekend convenient to you. The next morning you can use Taskize. Go-live can take as little as 4 weeks from clicking above.

How safe is my data?

Taskize is ISAE 3402 SOC 2 Type 2 audited, and we manage our security and business continuity processes to meet the rigourous and unique demands of the global financial services industry. Taskize Limited is majority owned by Euroclear SA, a global provider of Financial Market Infrastructure services.

Can I extract my data?

You can retrieve all your data from Taskize at any time. An archive feed of all activity is available for extract daily, or more often, in a standard format by your firm's administration account. Some clients load these archives into their legal hold system. Data is retained online for 13 months by default.

Can I use Taskize for my own work?

Paying subscribers can use Taskize internally for their own tasks, or with counterparties, or even sponsor counterparties onto the network. Taskize can scale from the smallest team to the largest global operation, for any number of business processes. However, sponsored member firms are limited to working just with their sponsors.

How many user subscriptions do I need?

You need a user subscription for each person who will be involved in work managed in Taskize.  This may be specific individuals, one or more teams, a division, or more.  There is a minimum number of user subscriptions to buy at each level of plan, but these can be allocated as you like. Subscriptions can be bought company-wide, or by teams placing separate orders and billed separately. Finally, systems using the API require a license for each person benefiting from the automation. Please contact our sales team for about your requirement.

My firm has multiple entities...

This is common in our clients. Taskize allocates a tenant at your firm's holding company level (if any), then creates group entities to suit your needs. Entities have information barriers and can be separately administered and billed depending on your requirement.

My firm's vendor management has specific requirements, can you help?

We can help, please contact our sales team. For example, bespoke security questionnaires may be turned around in less than a week.

What if I want to change plan?

It takes a 2 to 4 weeks to schedule your go-live, during that time you can change your mind about which plan you want to be on. Once you are live you can change too. Sponsored members can remove limitations by paying the membership fee at any time, since it's the same contract.

Can I have a custom plan?

There are certain minimum levels of subscription to access different capabilities. Pro-rating the Basic and Business will give you more users. Talk to our friendly sales team to find out about a Professional or Enterprise plan tailored to your needs.

What payment methods and currencies do you accept?

We accept GBP, USD and EUR, please ask for a quote. Payment is annually in advance by bank transfer for all plans, however, for Basic, Business and Professional plans we can also offer monthly Direct Debit or card payments.

Do you have cancellation fees?

There is a cancellation notice period, please see the terms.

Do you offer evaluations?

Clients will normally evaluate Taskize based on their experience with the sponsored service, which is free of charge to qualifying companies. Please contact our sales team to discuss your needs.