Taskize is an easy way to meet your buy-in reporting obligations under the CSDR Settlement Discipline Regime.  It offers a cost effective solution for those without SWIFT infrastructure.


To submit a Buy-in Report

  1. Select the CSDR Buy-in report Bubble template
  2. Identify the relevant CSD or intermediary agent/custodian
  3. Complete all mandatory fields and the necessary optional fields
  4. Click 'Create'
  5. If you need to amend, simply edit the Bubble
  6. The CSD or intermediary agent/custodian will pick up the changes automatically

See the video below for more information.

Buy-In Reporting in practice


Easily report across the reporting chain no matter what your role in the transaction!

All activity is time stamped, audited and can be easily extracted, making it easy to integrate into your existing reporting capabilities, if required.

Register for buy-in reporting

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