We were delighted to be joined on stage last week by Euroclear’s Head of Group Strategy, Product Management and Innovation…

Philippe Laurensy delivered what was referred to as ‘the mid-afternoon keynote’ at Symphony Innovate London 2023.  In case you missed it – and to describe the benefits of the integration between Taskize and Symphony’s platforms – here’s Philippe’s commentary in full.

“We are excited to shift gears and learn more about how Taskize and Symphony integrate to expedite the resolution of post-trade issues,” Jon Emswiler, Senior Account Manager at Symphony remarked by way of introduction.  “Let’s see how this integration helps operations professionals solve problems faster, track deadlines, and deliver world-class service…”  Over to Philippe. 

My name is Philippe Laurensy and I head up group strategy for the Euroclear entities. I’m delighted to be here, to set the scene, and to talk about the latest innovation of Taskize and its integration and collaboration with Symphony.

At Euroclear, we’re here to make your life easier: reduce risk, reduce cost, and reduce capital.  So, we always try to identify ‘pain points’ and when we find one – and there are many in post-trade – we try to find a solution.

In post-trade, I think Taskize has found a way to streamline the way we manage query resolution in a more efficient manner than using email, phone calls and the like.

When you have a query, usually you’re not on your own.  There is an ecosystem, and the objective is really to address the pain point of the ecosystem overall.  So we needed to find a way to connect the front office, the back office, and people from different firms.  

I think what Taskize has found is an interesting solution to this.  Taskize is focusing on the back office, Symphony is more focused on the front office.  I think the missing point – that this new integration solves – was the connectivity between the two.  

That’s why we are here with the team from Taskize, Euroclear’s preferred platform for query resolution.

To find out more, read Taskize’s partnership announcement with Symphony, track the media and industry reaction, and deep dive into the integration itself.