The client had a high volume of enquiries being sent to its CSD each day during the post-trade process. The process of resolving breaks in STP involved working closely with its CSD using email, phone, and the CSD’s portal, and required information to leave its controlled internal workflow system. Phone tied up operations staff (with valuable time being lost ‘on-hold’) and email was difficult to manage and prioritise. The result was an inefficient end-to-end process.


During an account review, the CSD informed the Client that it had adopted Taskize to replace phone and email to resolve operational issues, and could sponsor its clients onto their network at no cost. The Client chose to proceed.

As Taskize is a cloud service, the Client needed to initiate its vendor management and network security process, even as a sponsored client. On balance, the Client decided this a worthwhile investment, given the long term value Taskize could bring to its operations (if the initial CSD use case proved successful). Throughout the process Taskize were quick to respond to all legal enquires, security questionnaires, and other queries. The formalities were completed quickly as the bank considered whether or not to adopt Taskize strategically, while progressing the necessary procedures required to adopt technologies within its ecosystem.

Once multiple divisions were consulted, the Client went forward with adopting Taskize.

Adopting Taskize

Onboarding involved multiple readiness meetings between the Client and the CSD. The Client would start with a pilot group of 25 users spread across 5 functions (Settlements, Income, Tax, Corporate Actions and Collateral Management). For regulated users, feeds were configured to ensure the necessary data was sent to the Client’s regulatory systems.

Taskize worked closely with the Client throughout the entire process, from initial conversations with our Sales team, to building a bespoke sandbox for testing and proof of concept, to ‘go-live’. The Client has since collaborated with our Customer Success team on further key projects, such as custom-built system integrations.

The findings from the pilot groups two-month evaluation period supported rolling Taskize out to a further 150 users.


Based on the success of the pilot, the Client instructed Taskize to integrate the Taskize platform directly to its internal workflow system, to facilitate large-scale use across the bank with multiple parties. While this is ongoing, the Client expanded its use of Taskize to include a (current) 180+ users across 3 of its entities.

By using Taskize the overall efficiency of its operations staff has improved across the board. One Settlements user said that he was able to resolve two separate issues on Taskize in the same amount of time that he would usually be waiting on hold on the phone. Other key results include:

  • 50% of issues raised resolved within 24 hours
  • 70% of issues responded to within 5 minutes

Results consistently improve as more and more users transition to Taskize. At present, the Client’s use of Taskize within Settlements, Collateral, Corporate Actions, Tax, and Income is 82% higher than email.

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