The Client had extremely high volumes of back office operational issues every day. This led to backlogs of hundreds of emails, and statistics showed that employees could spend 30 minutes on hold before speaking to a counterparty. Inefficiencies were even more pronounced for complex queries, particularly when the Client was dealing with an out-sourced workflow model (where the Client managed issues ‘on behalf of’ a buy-side client (OBO Client)).


First, the Client joined Taskize free-of-charge as a Sponsored Client of its CSD. This meant that the Client could use Taskize to specifically interact with its CSD, vastly cutting down the amount of email and phone traffic between them.
Within a year of using Taskize for operations issues with its CSD, the Client reached out Taskize to discuss upgrading its account to support its outsourced workflow model. After conversations with both the Client and the OBO Client, it was agreed that both would become direct paying clients on the platform, and then Taskize would connect the necessary parties.

Adopting Taskize

Taskize has allowed the Client to liaise with multiple counterparties – simultaneously if necessary – to manage and resolve its often-complex operational issues in a more cost effective and efficient manner.

Initially, the Client started with 9 users in one function (settlements). Once the team was using Taskize multiple times a day as a vital part of their BAU processes, the Client expanded the use of Taskize throughout the whole of operations in 3 of its entities. The Client now also consistently uses Taskize to manage its workflows with its OBO Client following the upgrade to direct membership.
To support, Taskize organised live demos and training sessions between the Client and the OBO Client to highlight how Taskize could improve the outsourced workflow process. Taskize also met key decision makers from both sides to walk them through the onboarding process and answer any questions. A bespoke, joint sandbox between the Client and OBO Client was also set up to allow both to adapt to the new workflows.


By partnering with the Client throughout the transition process, Taskize was able to confirm that the wider range of features fitted their organisational needs. After starting with a small group of pilot users, Taskize has now been fully adopted as a standardised process for resolving back office operations issues.

100% all dividend issues are resolved in Taskize

58% queries responded to in less than a minute

50% issues resolved in less than 24 hours

214 users across 11 functions* and 3 entities


*Functions: Corporate Actions, Income, Tax, Settlements, Middle Office, Account Management, Fees, Treasury, IT Support, Broker Relations, Pre-Matching, Trading.

Becoming a full member of Taskize has also meant that the Client can now access detailed reports that help streamline client servicing, improve service levels and reduce costs.

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