A big heartfelt thank-you to everyone who joined us for the launch of Taskize at Sibos.

I was delighted and taken aback by the level of interest.  It was impossible for our team to see everyone on the day.

The week started when our team joined Euroclear for their client lunch on Monday which was attended by about 200 people.  Tim Howell, CEO of Euroclear, was good enough to give Taskize a name check. I must apologise to Tim for extending his now famously short pre-dinner speeches to over one whole minute!

With Tuesday came our launch event.  Over 100 Sibos delegates came to hear about Taskize, meet the team and enjoy some canapes and close-up magic as entertainment.  Jo Van de Velde, Head of Product at Euroclear, welcomed everyone and explained their rationale for investing in us.

Then I somewhat nervously took the mic to explain how Taskize is set to improve operations across the industry and with a ‘Jobsian’ flourish unveil our surprise offer:

Access to Taskize is free of charge for any firm doing business with Euroclear.

This is our way of delivering immediate value to Euroclear clients and giving these firms the chance to see how Taskize could transform their own operations at a time of unprecedented cost pressure.

Interest was high, and before the event was over we were demonstrating Taskize to several Tier-1 banks to show how we improve exception management within and between firms. Experienced heads were nodding sagely at what they saw.

If you missed a demonstration, please contact us or our friends at Euroclear (see end for details).

Remember, to use the service is free with Euroclear, so get in touch and sign-up for the future of post-trade operations.


PS:  If you missed the launch and would like to hear more about Taskize during Sibos please visit us at the Euroclear stand (D40).

Otherwise contact the team via info@taskize.com – we’d love to hear from you.


Sibos Taskize Team 2016-09-28

Sibos John Speech 2016-09-28