Taskize’s Head of Product talks through some unique aspects of our platform…


How do particular features of the Taskize platform tackle the challenges of Operations Managers? And which features are more attuned to the needs of Business Leaders and Operations Directors?

In this new Q&A, Taskize’s Head of Product Kishan Bharwad gives an intro to some unique aspects of our platform and how they play with different elements of the post-trade issue resolution process. 

We asked him to begin by talking through Taskize Bubbles. How did they get their name? How would he describe them to a new client, and – most importantly – why are they a faster, more efficient (and more client-friendly) alternative to email and phone collaboration? We then talked through three different features aligned to three different roles within an organisation:

  1. One of a set of ‘go-to’ workload management features for Operations Managers, the Bubble Blotter
  2. For Operations Leaders, Taskize’s MI Reporting functionality and the specific needs it’s there to address
  3. For business leaders, Kishan talks through Taskize’s approach to interoperability and the platforms integrations to third-party systems

But how do Taskize’s real-life clients use our platform? And what benefits do they see from each of these features and attributes? 

Check back to the new Videos section of our website for a new series – starting next week – where we’ll begin to sit down with and talk to an array of different users of the Taskize platform to hear about their experiences.