Our new eBook explores the wider industry considerations surrounding T+1…

The latest edition of Taskize’s post-trade handbook series is published today, exploring the wider industry considerations surrounding T+1, challenges throughout the settlement cycle and pain points in the current setup.

We’ve divided the content into four distinct parts, to tackle four questions:

1. Pre-trade matching – what are the early-stage challenges and considerations?

2. Post-trade matching – and why is there a need to unify counterparties?

3. The current set-up – how are market participants currently handling settlement operations?

4. The Taskize platform – what are the key features and business benefits?

To quote Taskize CEO Philip Slavin in the eBook’s foreword, “The shortening of the settlement cycle to T+1 – 250 days away as we go to press with this handbook – will no doubt be one of the most prominent capital markets discussions over the coming months. And for good reason. The industry faces a mammoth task in successfully transitioning to T+1, but not an insurmountable one.

“Achieving this historic challenge rests on one thing: collaboration. Countless buy- and sell-side financial institutions – from asset managers to investment banks and global custodians – must come together to iron out process inefficiencies and foster synergies through more effective, real-time data sharing.”

This edition of Taskize’s post-trade automation handbook follows editions covering interoperability, digitisation, and outsourcing, all of which are available from taskize.com/whitepapers.