Taskize’s Head of Product, Kishan Bharwad explains the latest steps to enhance the usability and accessibility of Taksize

Over the past 12 months our product and development teams have been busy creating an enhanced experience for users of the Taskize platform. After extensive user testing, the first results go live today.   

New visual update in light mode – dashboard and create a Bubble

New visual update in dark mode – dashboard and create a Bubble

The visual update includes an improved and more accessible look and feel, with a fresh modern colour palette and contemporary icons. This update comes as part of our ongoing approach to deliver client-focused improvements, as well as enhance some of the key user journeys. This is just step one in a series of improvements and there’s more to come. 

The key aspect in creating these improved experiences is changing our approach to problem-solving. We’re taking a human-centred design approach to Taskize and putting real people at the centre of the development process. Focusing deeply on users and their problems might sound obvious but it’s often overlooked or not properly understood. 

All of this has been made possible not only by growing our product and development teams in the past year, but also by increasing our engagement with users earlier on in the design and development process. We’re moving to a model that allows us to deliver targeted and incremental improvements that can be tested by real users before they go live.  

Part of this shift in design thinking has come from the launch of Taskize’s User Advisory Group (UAG). In these sessions, we work with regular users of our platform from a variety of clients, and it’s created a valuable space for us to hear direct honest feedback, discuss new ideas and test new features.  

If you’d like to find out more about our journey to enhance the Taskize user experience, just complete a quick contact us form and a member of the team will be in touch. If you’re an existing user, simply sign in to see the updates first-hand!