In an increasingly online- and Teams-focussed work environment, there’s still nothing more productive than getting an entire company in a room together, hearing from both the leadership team and voices from all around a business and having an open forum for questions and discussion. This was the thinking behind this month’s Taskize all-company off-site…


While it might be difficult to distil such a lengthy series of meetings into a single update, to give our partners and customers a fly-on-the-wall perspective we’ve rounded up 10 key take-aways.


1. Quantifying satisfaction 

Without revealing any specific client names, our customer success team reported back on the results of their latest Smiley Face-style happy/sad/neutral satisfaction survey.  It found that Taskize Bubbles, once resolved, result in over 95% ‘happy’-level user satisfaction, versus just over 60% for email-based queries.


2. Delivering T+1 

It wouldn’t be – and shouldn’t be – a Taskize strategic meeting without at least touching on our latest efforts to make T+1 a reality for our customers. Often quoted in the media, it was interesting to hear in person from James Pike on the subject. He focused on how trade netting (CNS) will move from 12 EST to 9pm on T, and the ramifications for cross-border client trading. All in the context of a transition that’s been cited as potentially costing the industry at least $4.95bn.


3. Expanding partnerships 

Recent integrations with Microsoft and Symphony have demonstrated Taskize’s open, collaborative philosophy and we heard of several new partnerships that will be announced in the third and fourth quarters of 2023.


4. Boosting marketing 

Some significant upward trends, in terms of both quantification and qualification, were shared by Taskize’s marketing team. Looking at just two quick yardsticks, quarter-on-quarter stats broke down as:

  • Media commentary – news coverage up 70%, and by-lined articles up 400%
  • LinkedIn – profile views up 25%, with reactions at 102% and followers up 31%


5. Revitalising onboarding

Our customer success team also shared the results of client research and other external input that will see an increased maturity in our client and user onboarding programmes – both digital and physical – set to be rolled out imminently. 


6. Growing teams

An off-site, in-person company meeting was the perfect moment to welcome several recent new starters:

  • Ashly Duvall, Operations Engineer
  • Lucy Massey, QA Engineer
  • Abbie Pontin, Senior Project Manager 
  • Martin Thorpe, Operations Engineer


7. Measuring engagement  

Our product team took the company through an interesting tour of the three key questions they use to define product success and measure client engagement:

  • “Do our users enjoy using Taskize?” and the world of in-app surveys, NPS and SUS
  • “Are our users engaging with Taskize?” and tackling stickiness and feature usage tracking
  • “Is Taskize delivering business value?” and the platform’s numerous customer- and resolution-specific metrics


8. Starting internships 

A work experience programme will begin at Taskize this month, due to popular demand from both local colleges and also from team members within the business.


9. Qualifying roles 

As the company behind a platform that’s all about collaboration and communication, we work hard to ensure that no team operates in a silo. As such, the off-site strategy day is the perfect way to make sure that everyone knows what each other’s goals are – even if they don’t come into regular daily contact. A case in point came in an update from our engineering and development team, who talked through the eight attributes of a scrum master that they have applied via to their team inspired by the likes of Lean Agile Guru:

  1. Impediment remover
  2. Facilitator
  3. Coach
  4. Teacher
  5. Servant leader
  6. Manager
  7. Change agent
  8. Mentor


10. Spreading the word 

Finally, a member of our business development team presented a slide which was too good to stay in the deck and not be pictured here! It’s this round-up of recent face-to-face and verbatim feedback about our product: