We made the top 1% Harrington Starr Workplace Awards – here’s why…

To be commended in ‘The Best Technology Team’ category in The Top 1% Harrington Starr Workplace Awards is a fantastic way to end a game-changing year for Taskize.

Here are three key reasons behind our success:

  • We’ve doubled our Development Team

By increasing our headcount this year, our colleagues have been able to pair up more frequently on feature development. Pair programming, which has enabled more and more of our developers to work together to design, code and test user stories, has been an integral part of being able to deliver a significant amount of functionality to our clients in 2023.

  • Record monthly release cycle

We have carried out a record 12 feature releases in 2022. While some firms continue to release only a few times per year, we are big proponents of getting feedback from the market and releasing as fast as possible. Throughout 2023, we will be looking to increase this frequency further – with each release delivering new features based on what clients are asking for.

  • The three-amigo model (client/product/value)

We always want to make sure that what we build is in line with what our clients are looking for – even if they are not 100% sure what they are looking for themselves. Our Client Delivery Team (the voice of the client) is communicating daily to work out what financial institutions need. While our Product Team is ensuring clients buy into what we do. Our Development Team then sizes up opportunities to make sure we build what the client wants before we quickly deliver a minimal viable product (MVP) in front of a client to get feedback and make improvements.

Underpinning these three elements is unquestionably our democratisation of developers. There is no Chief Architect role at Taskize – developers have full autonomy to design the solutions and the processes they follow. Lots of companies struggle to make the time to improve things, pay down technical debt and fix those niggling issues that constantly slow developers down. Our global remote team gets together once a quarter to discuss what we want to improve, and how – meaning that every single developer has an equal say. Here’s to even more tech success in the new year and who knows, perhaps further accreditation for our developers’ outstanding work.