Phil Slavin, CEO and co-founder of Taskize, joined other experts from Broadridge, Torstone Technology, and RBC I&TS to give their predictions in Global Custodian on what to expect in the technology and digital space for 2022.

Removing email from operational workflow

Phil Slavin, CEO of Taskize

“Historically email has been used as the go-to solution for operational activity that has not yet been automated, but it was never designed for this and is now part of the problem itself. The proliferation of email, its lack of workflow or structured data and the inability to obtain meaningful insights, means that email is a primary impediment to operations becoming more efficient. Firms are now looking to remove email as a workflow solution for both internal and external use cases. Chat is sometimes seen as an alternative, but it is not the answer. Although it delivers synchronous communications it too has no workflow or structure and so although it ‘feels’ better than email, ultimately it isn’t.


“radically reduce the number of daily emails clogging up inboxes”


“Purpose-built, inter-company structured workflow, for cross-company collaboration allows firms to manage exceptions more efficiently, cut time to resolution and radically reduce the number of daily emails clogging up inboxes. And when in-house or third-party exception management solutions are connected with these workflow platforms to bridge the gap between organisations, then the way you navigate your business network, the oversight your gain on where you are at risk and the ability to do root cause analysis for exception prevention means this is now a viable strategy to replace the use of email across operations workflows.”

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