We were delighted to see that John O’Hara was quoted the Spring 2017 print edition of Gobal Custodian, the leading publication for the sector. Jonathan Watkins feature Can you really innovate in a custodian bank explored the challenge of moving critical infrastructure forwards, which is an area where we think Taskize is a meaningful quick win.

The scale and history of a custodian bank is a strength, but when it comes to innovation and moving forward, the legacy systems are holding them back.
“You know how old the systems are back there, and how complex they are,” adds O’Hara, previously of Bank of America Merrill Lynch, RBS and JPMorgan. “Everyone has talked about turning off the legacy systems and nobody has ever managed to do it.
“The big issue for the banks is that they are choked by their own legacy. If they could work out how to sidestep that, that would be great. They are desperately looking at how to save money, but to save the money they have to invest.
“Everyone knows there is a risk profile associated with the investment and nobody is prepared to take that risk profile.”

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