Citadel’s US Head of Operations Steve Marx recently joined Taskize’s CEO John O’Hara to discuss ‘Operational Efficiency in the Digital Age’ at FIA Chicago




No time was wasted by Steve to identify the immediate blocker to operational efficiency – email overuse, particularly when resolving operational problems with external counterparties. Voluminous email chains, lack of ownership, limited oversight – emails’ complications in operations are well known.


“Citadel identified Taskize as its preferred solution to tackle the challenge of email”


Finding technology solutions to eradicate email in operations is Citadel’s key priority, but like others they need results now. Therefore, any solution utilised must be quick to deploy, nimble, iterative and provide immediate results. After conducting extensive research, Citadel identified Taskize as its preferred solution to tackle the challenge of email. Although only deployed in July 2019, they’ve already experienced ‘significant bang for their buck’, and are committed to materially adopting Taskize across their entire organisation by early 2020.


But finding technology solutions which drive these efficiencies is only part of the challenge. For complete efficiencies, counterparties across the industry must also adopt. Steve’s acutely aware of this challenge, but believes it can be overcome. Citadel expects its counterparties to help Citadel drive efficiencies, and if a preferred solution like Taskize provides counterparties with flexibility and compatibility with their existing products, there is no reason to resist adoption.