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Thanks to all who came to visit our booth at the 5th Annual Asset Management Derivatives Forum in Laguna Beach last week! This annual event attracts more than 300 executives from all sides of the trade and examines the latest developments in global derivatives trading, clearing, and operations.

Taskize was able to make significant progress with conversations with some of the largest buy-side and sell-side firms. We were also able to meet participants we hadn’t yet reached. Everyone was impressed with what we have achieved so far and they were all keen to be part of the growth story.

The themes that resonated most were:

  • The ability to raise a ticket (the Taskize bubble) inside a secure environment in one firm, and assign it into another for resolution
  • The ability to leverage the Taskize smart directory to bring the right person into the bubble without needing to know their details beforehand
  • The real-time transparency that allows users and managers to view all open tickets and sort by a variety of way to see what needs to be dealt with first
  • The possibility to integrate with internal workflow systems and third-party systems
  • A complete audit trail that can be downloaded and saved on client premises
  • Management reporting that allows for easy Service Level Agreement conversations

Everyone was pleased to see how Taskize can free their Operations departments from the ‘tyranny of email’. We had some major news announcements we shared and will have even more in the near future.

Please reach out to us with your queries on info@taskize.com.