Taskize and Euroclear recently partnered with Scottish Investment Operations to deliver a CSDR Webinar focused on the buy-in reporting challenge and how Euroclear, as a CSD, is looking to solve it with Taskize.

The Challenge

Under the incoming regulations, CSDs are obliged to record and report buy-ins to their regulators. Challenges arise for CSDs because the related buy-in information is not always at hand. The necessary information must instead be reported to them, often after passing through a holding chain of various buyers and intermediaries.

The Solution

To meet these obligations, Euroclear sought a harmonised and cost effective solution to simplify the buy-in reporting process for itself and its members. Taskize, already utilised for Euroclear’s customer service channels, delivers this by enabling buy-in reports to be easily submitted to not just CSDs, but intermediary agents and custodians.

To find out more about how Taskize can help with your CSDR challenges, please watch the webinar, or contact us on info@taskize.com or +44 (0) 203 874 7224