In the first episode of our new ‘Clients discuss‘ video series, we asked five Taskize users to share their experiences comparing our platform to email for post-trade operations.

In the first episode of our new ‘Clients discuss‘ video series, we asked five Taskize users to share their experiences comparing our platform to email for post-trade operations. Here’s what they had to say 

A preferred and premium communication channel 

Diederik Geeraerts, Global Head of Client Service at Euroclear, highlights Taskize as Euroclear’s preferred communication channel: 

“When we see the inefficiencies emails bring, we really do compensate with Taskize. It’s a modern-day platform, it has new technology, and we see that the dispatching of workload to our employees goes seamlessly. And it is this modern type of technology which is much more efficient than email.” 

Speed and responsiveness 

One of the standout features of Taskize is its live communication capability, which significantly speeds up interactions compared to email. Joanna Burkiewicz, Client Services Lead at Euroclear, appreciates the real-time aspect: 

“What I like about Taskize the most is that it’s much faster than email because it’s live. It’s communicating with clients, and they can already ask follow-up questions without me checking the inbox the next day. We can have a query discussed from multiple angles for an hour or two and not three days as is usually the case with email.” 

Immediate replies and quick resolutions 

Łukasz Góratowski, Corporate Actions & Income Service Manager at Euroclear, compares Taskize’s responsiveness to that of a phone call rather than a standard email: 

“My experience is that the Taskize resolution would be more similar to using a phone rather than an email that you send to open an inquiry. When you open a written query, you would usually expect that it’s going to take a longer time for a reply than when you contact us by phone. With Taskize, this is the opposite – the reply is being sent almost immediately.” 

Marcin Gałęziowski, Client Service Change Leader at Euroclear also points out the efficiency in resolution times: 

“The resolution times are much faster on Taskize compared to email. Statistically, we see most Bubbles closed within 24 hours of opening, which you don’t see on email. The first acknowledgement, the first ‘hello let me check,’ is instantaneous. In a couple of minutes, you have somebody attending to your query, which is just not the case with email whereby you just wait until someone picks it up and replies.” 

User-friendly and efficient 

Taskize’s user-friendly interface and efficient handling of queries make it a preferred tool for Karolina Ryś, Customer Service Team Manager at Euroclear, who elaborates on the benefits: 

“Plenty of benefits of using Taskize compared to email. First of all, the speed – we pick up the Taskize Bubbles much faster than emails. Let’s say that within the first ten minutes when the Taskize Bubble is arriving, it’s already assigned to someone in our team. So, the agent is already replying to your query and your response is probably being ready while the email is only arriving in our inbox within ten minutes.” 

“The resolution and response time are much faster and way better. For me, Taskize is much more user-friendly; you can attach everything there, and you can share it with your colleagues without needing to CC the whole company as you would do in an email.” 

These insights from our users underscore the significant advantages of the Taskize platform over traditional email comms for post-trade operations. With faster response times, real-time communication, a user-friendly interface, and improved efficiency, Taskize stands out as a premium system for managing post-trade operations.