In our latest Q&A video with a Taskize user, we had the pleasure of speaking with Marcin Żurek-Kania, Income & Corporate Actions Service Manager at Euroclear.


In our latest Q&A video with a Taskize user, we had the pleasure of speaking with Marcin Żurek-Kania, Income & Corporate Actions Service Manager at Euroclear. Marcin shared his insights on how the Taskize platform enhances efficiency in query resolution compared to other platforms like email.  

As Marcin explains, the short resolution time and the speed at which you can respond to queries are what make Taskize much more efficient than email. Watch the two-minute video above, or continue reading for the full Q&A. 

Q: Hi! Could you introduce yourself and tell us how long you’ve been working for Euroclear? 

My name is Marcin Żurek-Kania, and I’ve been with Euroclear for five years. I work in the dedicated team in Income and Corporate Actions, where I manage specific client accounts, addressing their questions and resolving any issues they encounter. 

Q: How long have you been using Taskize and what specifically do you use it for?  

I’ve been using Taskize since I started at Euroclear five years ago. It’s my main tool for communicating with clients, receiving their questions, and responding to their needs through the Taskize Bubbles. 

Q: What would you say are the benefits of using Taskize compared to email? 

Taskize is definitely faster and more compact. It feels more face-to-face, bringing us closer to the client. The speed and efficiency in responding to queries make it superior to email. 

Q: What advice would you give to a potential new user of Taskize? 

Don’t be afraid to explore the platform and play around with it, unless you’re dealing with sensitive information and need to be cautious about who you’re communicating with.  

Otherwise, experiment with the different features as it’s very intuitive and easy to use. You can’t break it and you can reverse most of the things that you do. 

Q: How does using Taskize compare to other platforms for issue resolution? 

As I mentioned, Taskize is generally faster than email and the resolution time is lower 

While some issues will always take time regardless of the platform, on average, Taskize provides quicker resolutions and keeps us in closer touch with clients. 

Q: Have you seen any differences in client satisfaction when comparing Taskize to email? 

As we handle financial institutions mostly, client satisfaction often correlates with resolution time. Since Taskize is faster than email, our clients are happier with the quicker responses. 

Q: How would you describe the Taskize Bubble feature – and how quick and easy is it to use it?  

I would describe it as a chat window, but more self-contained than other applications. It’s very easy to use; my training on the Taskize Bubble took about two to five minutes. 

Q: How do you personally use the Smart Directory feature and what value does it bring to your work? 

I don’t use the Smart Directory myself since I handle a dedicated client. However, it’s helpful for filtering out cases that others can manage, ensuring I get the appropriate questions I need to address. 

Q: What value does the Bubble Blotter feature add to your daily workload? 

The Bubble Blotter is essential – it’s the main layout for viewing Taskize Bubbles, allowing me to switch between them easily and manage my tasks efficiently. 

I use the Bubble Blotter all the time because it’s basically the core of the application. 

Q: Can you share your overall user experience with the Taskize platform and its user interface?  

The Taskize platform is intuitive, promotes close proximity, and is easy to use. 

The chat format makes interactions feel more informal and open compared to email, which I believe helps people feel more comfortable and engaged. 

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