In our latest Q&A video with a Taskize user, we sit down with Karolina Ryś, Customer Service Team Manager at Euroclear.


In our latest Q&A video with a Taskize user, we sit down with Karolina Ryś, Customer Service Team Manager at Euroclear. We explore how the Taskize platform expedites query resolution – and how much faster and more efficient it is compared to email. 

As Karolina explains, Taskize resolves nearly 60% of incoming cases within three hours, compared to only 24% when using email.  Watch the two-minute video above, or continue reading for the full Q&A. 

Q: Hi! Could you introduce yourself and tell us how long you’ve been working for Euroclear? 

A: My name is Karolina. I am a manager in the Income and Corporate Action Client Service team, and I’ve been with Euroclear for nearly nine years. 

Q: …And how long have you been using Taskize? 

A: My use of Taskize began in 2017 when I was first introduced to it at Euroclear. At that time, I was still working as a Service Manager, so I was trying to convince colleagues and clients to start using it. Back then, I was using it with clients directly but now I’m overseeing the team but still occasionally engage with clients through Taskize Bubbles, Taskize’s version of a shared problem ticket.  

Q: What would you say are the benefits of using Taskize compared to email? 

A: There are plenty of benefits of using Taskize compared to email. 

  1. Firstly, the resolution time is significantly faster. Within just 10 minutes of a Taskize Bubble arriving, it’s already assigned to a team member, allowing them to promptly respond to a query. In contrast, emails may take up to 10 minutes just to reach our inbox. 
  2. Additionally, Taskize is much more user-friendly, allowing easy file attachments and streamlined communication among relevant team members without the need for extensive CC lists. 

Q: What advice would you give to a potential new user of Taskize? 

A: The advice I would give to new users is to contact the Taskize team for a platform demo. Many perceive Taskize as complex, but it’s quite intuitive. The team at Taskize is also always readily available to provide comprehensive guidance on its features and functionality. 

Q: How does resolution time compare when using Taskize versus email?  

A: The resolution time of queries is much faster. We are monitoring it on a monthly basis so we can see exactly how Taskize is faster in comparison to email. 

For example, nearly 60% of incoming queries are resolved within three hours using Taskize, whereas only 24% of cases are solved within the same timeframe when relying on email. So the difference is huge! 

Q: How do you measure client satisfaction?  

A: Client satisfaction is mostly measured through live testimonies during service reviews. In addition to KPIs that we provide clients — to showcase the speed and user-friendliness of Taskize — the most rewarding fact is the testimony of clients when they share things like: “Taskize is really nice, it’s super good, super friendly, and super fast“. 

This is the biggest measurement of client satisfaction – to hear it from them, not only by the numbers but also by their user experience. 

Q: How do you personally use the Smart Directory feature, and what value does it add to your work? 

A: The Smart Directory significantly improves my daily workflow, especially considering the variety of queues in our internal systems, each with different names. Remembering all these queues is crucial for reassigning cases accurately. Taskize simplifies this process by presenting a consolidated list.  

With just three clicks, I can effortlessly transfer a case to the appropriate team. Moreover, if collaboration across teams is needed, such as for cross-functional queries, Taskize facilitates this seamlessly.  

Adding team members is straightforward, eliminating the need to navigate internal systems or seek assistance, as Taskize automatically directs the case to the right team. 

Q: What value does the Bubble Blotter feature add to your daily workload? 

A: The Bubble Blotter significantly enhances the organisation and structure of my workload by providing clear insights such as: 

  • Which Bubbles are still pending? 
  • Which Bubble or counterparty is involved? 
  • Are there any other participants?  
  • Am I overseeing as a team manager?  
  • What happens if there is an escalation?  
  • Which query is more critical? 

So that gives me a clear overview of what I have to do, when I have to do it and with whom I have to do it, ensuring efficient task management and timely responses. 

Q: Can you share your overall user experience with Taskize — the platform and its UI?  

A: I would rank my user experience with Taskize as very positively. As I mentioned earlier, Taskize stands out for its user-friendly interface and clarity. For me, what is more important in comparison to email, is that with Taskize you can feel that there is a human on the other side.  

This human connection allows for a more relaxed and friendly interaction. You can even exchange jokes and use emojis like smiley faces, ultimately enhancing both user experience and efficiency.