In the latest of our client interview series, Euroclear’s Client Services Lead, Joanna Burkiewicz talks us through her experiences of the Taskize platform – and the difference it has made to her working life in terms of client satisfaction and operational efficiency.


In the latest of our client interview series, Euroclear’s Client Services Lead, Joanna Burkiewicz talks us through her experiences of the Taskize platform – and the difference it has made to her working life in terms of client satisfaction and operational efficiency.


How long have you been at Euroclear, and how long have you been using the Taskize platform?  

I’ve been working at Euroclear since August 2020, and I’m in income and corporate actions client service.  I’ve been using Taskize since almost day one. I even logged in by accident on my very first day!  launched I’ve been using Taskize to communicate with our clients to answer their queries, to assist them with any issues that they’re having.  That’s the main thing that I do on Taskize.


Have you observed benefits of using Taskize compared to email, for client service?  

What I like about Taskize the most is that it’s much faster than email.  Because, in a way, it’s ‘live’.  It’s communication and query resolution with a client, they can already ask their follow-up question without me checking the email inbox on the next day.  We can have a query discussed from multiple angles during an hour or two hours, three hours – and not three days!


What difference in resolution time have you seen when using the Taskize platform, or when comparing it to email?

The difference in resolution times is actually incredible.  I’ve run some data for my clients and I saw that sometimes email queries really take very long to be picked up to have the first investigation started.  So for one of the clients, only 10% of emails are closed within one day and Taskize makes it 80%.  So the difference is huge.

It’s absolutely amazing because it really brings value to the client. If they see such an improvement in the resolution time, I’m sure that they will be just much happier, much more satisfied with our level of  service.


For sure!  Can you tell me more about that point, about what differences in client satisfaction have you seen?

We can see an improvement in client satisfaction when it comes to resolution times, that’s for sure.  What I’ve also seen is that clients who are based in the US, although they do know that there’s time zone differences that can really impact the resolution times, they still are much happier using Taskize because, if they get their answer while they are sleeping and then they wake up in the morning, they see the answer that we provided during their night, they can already ask the follow-up questions and we are still there.  So it improves the resolution for them as well.


How would you describe a Taskize Bubble?  

So Taskize Bubbles for me are the way to communicate with a client and to talk to them with all the information in one place.  What I like about the Bubble the most is that it has several tabs that you can quickly go to and check if you forget any of the data that you’ve been talking to the client about.  You don’t have to scroll through an endless chain of emails, you don’t have to go to another tab, another website. It’s just in that window.


The platform’s Smart Directory – how do you personally use the Smart Directory, and what value does it bring?

I use the Smart Directory the most often to reassign Bubbles to another team.  If a client has a question that does not fall in scope of my expertise, I can send it to another team.  I use the Smart Directory for that.  And what I like about it is that it’s really easy to find the next team.  I can just start typing and it pops up.  And there already the next step’s suggested.  So if I choose the team, the sub-team suggestion already pops up so I can decide if I need it as well.  And if yes, it’s already here.


Another feature you use on the Bubble Blotter?

So the Bubble Blotter gives me an overview of what I’m working on… from a broader perspective.  Because I can see all the Bubbles that I have that are pending, that are in progress, that are finalized as well.  And I can see if there are any updates, escalations, any changes in what I’ve been doing.  If I come back from my break, I just take a quick look and I know what is live right now.


Would you give a new user of the Taskize platform?

My advice would be to experiment and make it yours.. to check if you prefer the light theme or the darker theme.  It really can change a lot if you get used to the view, the user interface.  And then also to work around a bit, the whole system, the settings, check how you can actually make the most of it.


How would you describe your actual end-user experience of the Taskize platform?

Taskize became my favorite tool that we use very quickly because personally I’ve always been that person that would prefer texting to calling or to sending longer letters, like emails.  So it’s this quick communication that is almost instant, if the person’s online of course, and if they’re not then they come back and they can read everything that they’ve received.  And with a timestamp – I don’t have to provide it because it’s here.

I don’t have to think of the greeting or the “regards” at the end of my email because it’s already here, it’s in the Bubble.   It’s just a conversation that we can have. And we also have it in writing, so I can rethink what I’m saying before I hit send.  And it still has this informal vibe because the clients also quite often use smileys or shortcuts, which even if I don’t do it, I know that there’s a real person that I’m talking to.


And how does this user experience compare to traditional email, for query resolution?

I think that Taskize compared to emails is like removing some kind of barrier or the distance between me and the person that I’m talking to.  Because even if I don’t see them and I don’t hear them, I can still get the kind of understanding of the way that they think or they speak, because it’s very similar to the messaging that we use on a daily basis.  And it also feels much less official than an email, because emails are similar to letters and letters are very official, while Taskize Bubbles are more similar to just live chats, which are much less formal.