Taskize CEO and co-founder John O’Hara reports how banks are benefiting from fast post-trade issue resolution.

Taskize has rapidly been on-boarding banks and market infrastructure firms to its production platform, building a network of firms that now work seamlessly together to resolve post-trade issues and queries up to six times faster and far more efficiently than ever before.

Less than a year after going live, over 50 firms – from global banks to smaller regional banks – in 15 countries across Europe, Asia, North and South America are using Taskize to resolve issues across all asset classes. In Q3 2017 alone, Taskize recorded a 115% growth in clients, with a 70% increase in usage, with many more to be onboarded by the end of the year.

Early adopters are already enjoying the benefits of using the platform. John O’Hara, CEO and co-founder, said “With Taskize, issues that would have taken 3 hours to resolve now only take half an hour. Our clients’ operations teams are resolving settlement, corporate action, funding and collateral problems much more efficiently by assigning, prioritising and managing them across counterparties in order to meet market deadlines and avoid fees and charges, without the constant back-and-forth of phone calls and emails.”

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