Taskize Q3 2018 Newsletter

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Welcome to the Taskize Q3 2018 Newsletter!

Taskize are now helping to resolve tens of thousands of operational issues, and striving to become the central hub of issue resolution for the financial services

Corporate Actions in Taskize

Corporate Actions processing is typically seen as manual, resource intensive and time consuming with high operational risk.

Taskize eliminates these issues and instead works to help manage your corporate actions with the use of its Smart Directory to smooth out and simplify the process.

Why Taskize?

  • Obtain accurate information quickly.

    Transaction attributes can be associated to the Taskize Bubble to aid with searching and routing to the best person.

  • Minimize risk and improve efficiency.

    Each Taskize Bubble relates to a single issue, and can be linked to other related issues for a full audit trail.

  • Track communications.

    All Taskize Bubbles have full managerial oversight and are sent to a secure archiving facility once finalised.

  • Attach and manage documentation.

    Participants can securely share attachments via the Taskize Bubbles.

Taskize has been extremely well received by our users, with the network now processing almost half of their Euroclear Settlements queries through the platform.
Teams across the globe have captured this opportunity and are now resolving issues with their suppliers in real-time with immediate results.
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