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Taskize reduces email volume


It is no secret that Email has its drawbacks. The uncertainty of knowing if your email has reached the right person and has actually been read, huge messages containing lots of text and congested inboxes containing irrelevant information are but a few of issues that can cause us a great deal of unnecessary stress.

Another huge problem with emails is the unwanted participation in long email chains. Did you know that some back office operations issue via email involve up to 17 people and can create up to 4000 exchanges? The constant back and forth in email threads makes it difficult to follow lengthy conversations and often adds to the already complex and confusing process of resolving back office issues. Being CC’d into emails just “for your information”, causes needless frustration and can create a mass of unnecessary work.

Taskize has been proven to reduce time to resolution compared with phone and email, and our biggest users have continued to roll out Taskize throughout their organisation.

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Graph of Taskize usage versus Phone and Email, for clients using Taskize for Settlement queries


Easily identify ownership of issues via the Taskize Flag


Taskize, the secure inter-bank problem solving network, has developed an intuitive feature that can help resolve these frequent pain points of using email in the financial services.

When dealing with any post-trade issue via email, it is common to be involved in lengthy email threads between multiple counterparties. This can easily create confusion and make it difficult to know who is responsible for progressing the issue towards a resolution. Taskize has overcome this problem, with the introduction of the Flag.

This unique feature allows users to seamlessly inform participants in the Bubble who is responsible of taking the next action, without cluttering the journal with unnecessary messages. Highlights of the flag include:

  • Within a Bubble, the Flag can be passed between participants to show whose action is currently required.
  • Any participant in a Bubble can give or take the Flag without restriction.
  • Easily identify who is responsible for progressing an issue towards resolution by looking out for the Flag symbol.
  • Filter the Bubble Blotter to show which issues you or your team are responsible for progressing.
  • If there are multiple participants on each side and you are unsure who to give the Flag to – don’t worry! Taskize routing logic will do the work for you and determine the most suitable Flag holder.
  • Take a look at the Parties tab within the Bubble Card and immediately see who currently holds the Flag.

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The Parties tab of a Bubble showing the parties involved and the holder of the Flag to indicate who is responsible for progressing the resolution