Taskize Q2 2018 Newsletter

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Welcome to the Taskize Q2 2018 Newsletter!

After a fantastic start to 2018, Taskize have continued to reach new heights as we progress further into the year.

Latest improvements to the service

At Taskize we are always working hard on improving the product to make it easier for you to resolve issues, save costs, reduce your operational burden and make your teams more efficient.

However, Q2 has been an exceptionally important period for the product, as we have delivered some key features driven by your feedback and usage throughout 2017.

Here are some of the key highlights:

  • Teams

    Create specialist teams that deal with specific types of requests.

  • Sidebar

    A fast and easy method of navigating through Bubbles

  • Side Notes

    Discuss the issue with teammates in privacy from other participants

  • Bubble Escalation

    Notify management if issue resolution is not satisfactory

  • Expected Attributes

    Ask the counterparty to tailor their request to meet your organisational needs

With quarterly improvements being made to the platform, stay tuned for more updates throughout the year!

Introducing your new Customer Success team

Here to help you wait less and find answers faster
We understand the pressures you are under at work. Trying to find the right help, get the right answers and resolve your queries, all while fighting against the clock can be a challenge.

Even reading this means you have less time to focus on more important tasks (but don’t worry, we will be brief).

For all these reasons, I would like to introduce you to your Customer Success Specialists, who are on hand to help you maximise the value you receive from using Taskize.

You can contact the friendly and professional Team to:

  • Discover best practices and latest platform improvements
  • Review your company performance on Taskize, such as your busiest teams and most active counterparties
  • Arrange additional user onboarding / training sessions
  • Plan your company’s Taskize adoption
  • Discuss any other topics or possible opportunities

Taskize cannot remove the need to resolve issues, but used in the right way it can greatly reduce the day to day frustrations you face.

So whether it is helping you make the best use of our latest features, or keeping you up to date with the new counterparties joining the network, a Customer Success Specialist is here to help.

The team we will be reaching out to introduce themselves to your company and discuss opportunities to help you get more out of your Taskize subscription soon.

In the meantime, why not start benefiting today by hanging up the phone and switching to Taskize?

If you have any questions or would like to know more, please do not hesitate to contact the team at: success@taskize.com or invite us into a Bubble (Entity = Taskize, Function = IT Support).

Taskize at NeFo

Taskize were at The Network Forum in Vienna this week. Despite all of Europe being in a heatwave, Vienna somehow managed to be covered in thick rain clouds for the duration, but this didn’t take the shine away from the event.

This years’ conference has been the largest so far with 450 delegates, and someone commented that it was starting to feel like a mini SIBOS. However, the distinctive feel about this event is the amazing number of relationships between the eponymous Network Managers for whom the conference is run.

This is a great conference to get a sense of what is happening on the ground in the financial services industry. Key themes continue to be due-diligence in all its forms and the cost that it exacts on the industry, driving efficiency given relentless margin pressure, and utilising FinTech and outsourcers to share costs in the industry. Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT/Blockchain) raised its head for the 4th year; it seems there is some fatigue with DLT as panellists were split almost 50/50 on whether DLT would deliver real client value any time soon – soon being 10 years! There was more excitement around new efforts to provide investor access to crypto currencies and what that might mean.

The exhibitor space was also the largest to date, and we were grateful to our friends at Euroclear to be able to share their stand. As ever, at Network Forum while there is value in the focused sessions, this conference really shines in the informal networking.

It was great to hear that news about what Taskize is and how it helps is spreading across the industry; we strengthened existing relationships and opened more opportunities. Evening events were well run and attracted almost all of the delegates to each event which adds a lot of energy and camaraderie while we took in a taste of Vienna.

– John O’Hara, Taskize CEO

Taskize at SIFMA

I recently attended the SIFMA Operations Conference in Phoenix, Arizona, which covered a wealth of hot topics and discussions such as “digital readiness”, the advantages of rapidly advancing automation and the arrival of FinTech in the middle and back office.

I found it very valuable to gain insight into how people felt about new technology entering their space and ultimately removing some of their day to day activities. Some people were pessimistic and resistant to entertain the concept of AI at first, but the majority of conversations became welcoming of change when there was a deeper understanding of the benefits, such as the automation of repetitive manual process tasks in order to free up time for more complex issues.

In fact, the overall consensus was that FinTech can offer added controls, reduction of risk, and allows increased capacity to modify your role to more purposeful activities.

It was clear that digital readiness is certainly adopted at very varying rates from one bank to the next, and therefore I believe the SIFMA conference was a great forum for connecting the entire operations industry to the future of work and creating a positive perspective on technology in the middle and back office.

– James McPherson, Taskize Sales

Taskize at IMOS

Earlier this year in March we were invited to Bengaluru in India to attend the annual Investment Management Operations Summit (IMOS), formerly known as the “AMO Symposium”.

The main theme this year were emerging trends such as digital disruption, risk & regulation, fintech & innovation and training/knowledge sharing.

There was a large interest in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), but this was coupled with the understanding that RPA is not the full answer and that the human element was very much required still. Buy Sides appear to be in the pre-selection phase of procurement and are gearing up to adopt multiple interoperable Fintech solutions to enhance and increase efficiency in their banking operations.

More than 75% of the attendees believed that the industry will not exist in its current form and go through a massive change. What do you think?

– Cheen Dang, Taskize Sales