On March 28, we hosted the 14th TOF (Taskize Operations Forum) at the Euroclear offices in Downtown New York.

This was the third Taskize event hosted in NYC, and the largest to date in the city;  over 20 attendees from both the buy side and sell side were in attendance.

Our co-founder and CEO, John O’Hara, kicked off the morning session with an update of the latest product developments, future road map, and the latest client news.

The main headline was the announcement that the LCH (London Clearing House) have signed up to Taskize and will be deploying the solution to all their members as their client service channel.

When the floor was opened for discussions, several firms shared their plans for adoption, including using Taskize as the one place they will be resolving queries with their brokers.

Also highlighted some areas where the buy-side see Taskize helping, here are some examples mentioned:

1) to oversee third party custody work and resolve any issues

2) to manage collateral issues with their brokers

3) cutting down on the use of email to resolve operational issues, because they find email in operations very inefficient

4) helping managers control the workload within their teams in real-time and with full visibility

5) using Taskize reports to give a clear picture on overall broker  performance comparisons.

The venue has also provided those attending with the opportunity to catch up with their peers informally on general industry developments in a collaborative environment.

The next TOF will be held in London on April 30th.

TOF is open to senior operations executives with a generally strong participation in a convivial working-group format of a few dozen people.

We hope you will be be able to join us!


by Fadi Maalouf – Head of Sales