Login to Taskize

Login to Taskize

Are you connected to your company network?

Taskize security measures prevent users from logging in unless they are connected to their company network.

You have arrived at this page because we did a quick check and determined that you may not have connectivity to Taskize from your current location at this moment in time.

If you try to access Taskize from the Internet or from home working but forget to use any “remote access” software provided by your company, then you cannot access Taskize.

Please ensure you are on your company network, then use the blue button above.

What should I do now?

Try the login button below – our quick test may have got it wrong!

If the button works – great! If it does not, your browser may appear to ‘hang’ – just close the empty window and begin again.

Could it be anything else?

Your company may have made technical changes in how it accesses the Internet and not told Taskize so we could amend our security settings. Please check with your colleagues to see if they can access Taskize, if several of you are having trouble, please get in touch with your technical support.