• Great service from your sponsors!
  • Works with Euroclear, INDEVAL, LCH and other leading institutions
  • CSDR penalty appeal workflow
  • Single Sign-On for convenience
  • Sponsor’s process
  • Self-service support
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  • Raise a bubble with any counterparty on the network
  • Any business process
  • Works with DTCC Exception Manager
  • Reporting dashboard
  • Private side-notes
  • Online support
  • …and everything in Sponsored
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  • Service your clients on Taskize
  • Detailed performance reporting
  • Synchronise users from Active Directory
  • API access
  • Connect 3rd party technology (incl. Symphony, Duco)
  • Sponsor select counterparties
  • Phone support
  • …and everything in Basic
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  • Large enterprise ready, outsourcer support
  • Service the clients-of-your-clients (Outsourced)
  • Integration with bespoke technologies and solutions
  • Real-time compliance integration
  • Relationship/project manager
  • Custom support
  • …and everything in Professional
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Taskize Value and Benefits

Sponsored Basic Business Professional Enterprise
Be sure of your counterparties
Real-time issue status
Get the right person, in the right role, right now
Access to a full audit trail
Resolve issues with your sponsor
Manage workflow with your colleagues and sponsor
Simple reporting dashboard
Manage workflow with your counterparts
Prioritise work across teams
Detailed reporting and dashboards to give real-time visibility of workloads
Take control of email and get telemetry on issues
Use templates for repeatable bubble creation
Use across multiple divisions
In depth historical reporting tools
Control workflow across your entire enterprise
Dynamically prioritise work
Outsource your clients workflow
Use custom workflow with your network