Taskize is attending InvestOps Europe, Buy-Side Only Evaluation Day (17th September) and main conference (18th-19th September).

[pullquote type=”right”]Meet us on the Buy-Side Evaluation Day or drop by our booth #20[/pullquote]This follows our success at InvestOps US earlier this year where one buy-side speaker said “Taskize was one of the only exhibitors offering something new and exciting.”

More buy-sides are signing-up to the Taskize issue resolution network whether they manage their operations internally or have outsourced to a 3rd party.

As Taskize is purpose-built for post-trade issue resolution it lets you measure client service levels across your brokers and custodians, reduce operational email by up to 90% and prioritise your work to ensure that nothing gets missed again.

[pullquote type=”left”]“Taskize was one of the only exhibitors offering something new and exciting.”[/pullquote]Taskize is already integrated with Symphony, email, DTCC Exception Manager (DXM) and Duco for Portfolio Reconciliation giving you single-click issue resolution for when you need to reach across to your clients, counterparties or colleagues to resolve an issue.

So whether you are looking to bring real efficiency to your operations or to address regulatory challenges looming on the horizon, please drop by our booth #20

Taskize is the only purpose built problem solving network for financial institutions. It lets you share trouble-tickets across firms, cutting through the tyranny of email, phone and chat to get straight to issue resolution. Taskize does this by connecting you to the right person, in the right role, at the right firm, right now!