When a corporate action event triggers a voting option, what’s the best way to find out your choices? Today, emails and phone calls fly back-and-forth between you and your custodian looking for the right person with the latest information so you can inform your clients and get their votes in before the deadline. This situation is made worse during periods of high corporate action activity.

[pullquote type=left]Taskize can help by doing the hard work for you.[/pullquote]

Our platform can put you in contact with the right person, from the right team, with the right knowledge in seconds. Issues no longer need to be dragged out because you’re still waiting for a response to an email, that may not have been seen yet, because Taskize helps you to get to the core of it straight away. By using a secure Bubble to raise an issue the platform will allocate the most relevant, available counterparty member to start dealing with it instantly.


 The Bubble – a secure workspace for your Corporate Actions


[pullquote type=right]Leading to a better response rate and a much more streamlined process.[/pullquote]

By using Taskize you can discover the necessary information and respond accordingly in a much less congested timeframe than the standard email and telephone route. During a takeover Taskize can help you find out what the choices for your client are in a quicker, more direct way. Cutting out the needless back-and-forth over email and the phone to find someone to answer the query in the first place.

Not only does it allow Operations to deal with issues in a more economical way, they are able to respond to and resolve multiple issues at a time, increasing productivity across the board.

Taskize is now in over 200 Financial Organisations. For more insight into how Taskize could help you, request a demo or call.

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