Following the inclusion of Taskize in the List of Most Influential Fintechs of 2019, Philip Slavin, COO and co-founder is interviewed by Tony Babb from Harrington Starr

Problem solving network for financial institutions

In this first extract, Philip explains how this FinTech company helps to securely share operational issues between institutions - cutting through the tyranny of email, phone and chat to get straight to resolution.

The on-boarding journey with Taskize

The Taskize ‘frictionless onboarding’ process ensures an easy to consume setup: commercially, legally & from an information security perspective. The platform is easy to understand and brings value from day one – one of the few technologies that allow you to quickly realise tangible ROI.

Taskize Operations Forum: The off-line networking opportunity

It's described how the Taskize Operations Forum (TOF) brings together senior operations executives from across the industry to talk amongst themselves on the issues they face and to explore how Taskize can help. Philip goes on to explain how this 'physical' community building complements and strengthens the 'virtual' community.

Cutting through the tyranny of email, phone and chat

"What happens in the Bubble – stays in the Bubble!”, Philip describes how Taskize helps individuals in one organisation navigate through another organisation to find the right person, who can perform the right role – right now! And this in a secure environment – the bubble.

Expanding coverage and interoperability

In part 5, how the "gravitational effect towards the network" contributes to expanding coverage. And how, by integrating with existing exception management capabilities, Taskize can maximise investment companies have already made.

Joining the growing network

In this last extract, Philip explains who can be part of the Taskize growing network and the benefits this will bring.