Check out the article in the print edition of Financial IT (Aug-Sep 17) available on-line at A Utility Resolving Problems Across The Entire Financial Services Industry.

Financial IT: “What changes and developments that are relevant have taken place since the beginning of 2017. What’s your forecast for 2018?”

John O’Hara: “It is becoming clear that banks’ business strategies for the next decade must factor in lower costs and higher levels of customer service, transparency and flexibility. Pragmatic utilities and shared pro-cessing will continue to make advances as banks realise that blockchain may take longer to deliver than initially hoped. As such, in 2018 we will see banks embracing cloud-based utilities spe-cific to the banking industry to quickly improve efficiency, simplicity and stability. Taskize, which offers issue and query managment as a secure cloud service, is a good example of this new kind of utility.”

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