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Everything you need to manage email efficiently in financial operations.

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Could you manage email better?

Drowning in email for business processes

Requests overlooked, service levels missed

Unsure of work progress across issues

How Taskize can help you

Easily assign, prioritise and track email

Reduce the noise, focus on resolution

Oversee activity and deliver on service levels

Email workflow made simple

Simplified interactions

  • Consolidate email volume into structured bubbles
  • Assemble organisations, teams, and information to get the work done
  • Know who is responsible for the next action
  • Collaborate with colleagues and counterparts, with data segregation and auditing


Organised workflow

  • Oversee all incoming and outgoing work
  • Prioritise based on client or deadline
  • Escalate as situations arise
  • Manage work and resources

Management oversights

  • Ensure requests are not overlooked
  • Assess performance against service levels
  • Have the facts needed for meaningful relationship reviews
  • Monitor staff performance

Benefits beyond email

Experience the full power of intercompany workflow
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Taskize Network 

Access the entire Taskize network and instantly benefit from direct Taskize to Taskize interactions.

Smart Directory

Easily navigate unfamiliar organisations  - no need to know designated emails.

Enhanced control

Improve control with locked bubbles and more flexible document recall.


Banking Secure

Comply with your bank's most stringent security requirements.

Structured Workflows

Benefit from structured workflows, including buy-in reporting.