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2018 New York TOF

Taskize Operations, Perspectives

Since 2016 we have been running a quarterly Taskize Operations Forum (TOF) to bring together senior operations executives to discuss how to bring down the cost of manual processes across financial services. The Q3 TOF in September spawned 3 events. …

Come together, right now

Taskize Operations, Perspectives

In any supply chain, the first and last miles add the most value. This is where the successful service provider combines its broad domain expertise with a specific understanding of a market segment to tailor industrialised processes to meet individual …

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No lag legacy systems

Taskize Fintech, Operations, Perspectives

It’s more than four letters, but legacy has become a dirty word in banking, shorthand for the inertia that binds budgets and staff to outmoded and inefficient processes. Legacy systems are far from perfect, and show their age versus newer …


Financial IT: What is Taskize?

Taskize CEO, Operations, Perspectives, Press

Check out the article in the print edition of Financial IT (Aug-Sep 17) available on-line at A Utility Resolving Problems Across The Entire Financial Services Industry. Financial IT: “What changes and developments that are relevant have taken place since the …

Getting to ‘no’ you

Taskize Fintech, Perspectives

Partnerships between fintechs and financial institutions are critical to delivering the next generation of banking services. How can participants ensure these partnerships deliver the goods? The relationship between fintechs and banks has moved decisively from competition to collaboration. This shift …