The need for a connected financial industry

Philip Slavin CEO, Operations, Perspectives

The financial industry is evolving, with many institutions retiring legacy application infrastructure in favour of best-of-breed cloud solutions. These new capabilities need to seamlessly connect to their clients’ Operations teams, and often also their clients’ counterparties. Taskize provides the answer, …

Person outsourcing work around world.

Effective controls – the key to successful outsourcing

Taskize CEO, FinOps

Outsourcing post-trade operations is widespread and evolving in the securities industry. There are numerous clear benefits for buy-sides choosing to outsource, so long as control can be retained. Asset managers handle an array of post-trade processes on behalf of their …

Easing the flows

Taskize CEO, FinOps, Operations, Technology

Inter-company workflows during post-trade processing can be complicated and error-prone. However, Taskize ensures that operations run smoothly by automatically identifying the right person to contact in counterparty firms and enabling secure sharing of information and documentation, while keeping all parties …