Business Continuity

Tips for remote working or business continuity.


During Covid-19 restrictions on movement of people, Taskize has moved to 100% remote operations.

  • All services are operating normally
  • All contact phone numbers and email addresses are unchanged
  • Support and on-boarding are proceeding normally, with no delay
  • Projects are proceeding normally, but we are using RingCentral(Zoom)/WebEx instead of face-to-face meetings

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Accessing Taskize from new places

Business continuity often means segregating and relocating staff to new locations. This can cause problems unless they've been set-up.

For security, Taskize limits access to the service to the corporate networks of our clients. Client network access from known Internet addresses ("IP addresses") is set-up during on-boarding. Sometimes these addresses change for our clients when they enter business continuity.

If you get the 403 Forbidden message, it means the WiFi or network connection you are using has not been permissioned for Taskize.

Remote worker checklist:
  • Make sure you are logged into a work PC (not a personal one)
  • If your company uses a VPN, make sure start the VPN software provided by your company before accessing Taskize. See your company's remote working procedures.
  • If you are working in a company building, but it is a location where Taskize has not been used before, contact support to have it configured for Taskize.
  • Using Taskize from home on the public Internet, this is not a supported configuration - but contact us and we will explore options.